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Log Kit Delivery Information

Your log home consists of many large, heavy timbers. These timbers are usually shipped to the construction site via a 40 foot flat-bed trailer. Before the log truck will enter the jobsite payment for the log kit is collected. Once onsite the straps securing the load are removed and your log kit may be unloaded.
The customer is responsible for arranging delivery of an all-terrain extendable boom forklift. There are several variations of forklifts available for rent from your local equipment rental store, some of the more popular names are from Pettibone, Sky-Trac, CAT, and Lull. An extendable boom forklift is Highly reccomended; non-extendable boom lifts tend to make unloading the log truck harder and increase the risk of damaging your logs during the unload process.
Before unloading your log kit be sure to survey the area and find a convient place to offload your logs around your site. Each pack of logs should be placed a minimum of six inches off the ground. At no point should you ever allow a pack of logs to rest on the ground. A pack of logs or any other lumber that is in direct contact with the ground will absorb moisture and cause problems with your log kit.
You should also try to avoid stacking logs over 2 packs high, packs stacked on top of other packs will prove to be very challenging when the time comes to bring a log in from the field. Placing each pack seperate with enough room to walk between the packs will make carrying logs from the field easier and finding the proper log for the job much easier.
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