Log Stacking Information

Your log home corners will be one of three styles, butt & pass, interlocking, or dovetail. It is extremely important that proper procedures are followed to ensure that your corners are assembled correctly. Pictured here you see a typical interlocking corner, adhesive can be seen at the joint where two logs come together. The adhesive being squeezed out of the logs is normal and desirable. Once the adhesive cures (approx 3 weeks) this excess can be trimmed away using a sharp chisel.
Here we see four rows of logs in place. Using the 7x8 D Log or 6x8 D Log your windows will begin to appear. Logs are cut to length between each window or door and bolted in place.
Engineered Window and Door bucks are used to ensure that your log walls remain straight and plumb and to ensure that your window and door openings remain square and true.
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